DAWN ROWLAND was born in London. She has worked as a sculptor in San Francisco, London and Manchester. She currently lives and works in London.

Her sculptures are primarily carved in stone, but also works in bronze, wood, terracotta, plaster and silver.

She has been interviewed twice on BBC’s “Women’s Hour”. Once in 2004 regarding her poignant and monumental sculpture commissioned by Nicola Horlick and also in 1988 as a result of having three carvings exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

She was presented to the Queen in 1993 at the opening of the international exhibition “Chelsea Harbour Sculpture 1993”. Elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 1991, Dawn was made a Fellow of the Society in 1994. She was elected onto Council in 1993 and served until 1999, later being re-elected in 2006.

Her sculptures and drawings are in private collections in Europe, Japan, the United States, Australia and Canada.



Royal Society of Sculptors
Member since 1991
Fellow since 1994
Council Member 1993-1999 2005-2009

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts
Member since 1977
Council Member 1980-1999

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Annual Open Exhibition
Selection Committee: 2000, 1997,1996, 1995, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1989, 1988, 1984, 1982
Hanging Committee: 2000, 1998,1997,1996,1995, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1983
National Artists Association Member since 1985



2004 The Joe Davies Award –Manchester Academy of Fine Arts

1993 The Addleshaw Sons & Latham Award - Manchester Academy of Fine Arts

1986 The National Westminster Bank Award - Manchester Academy of Fine Arts

1985 The Coopers & Lybrand Award - Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition



Solo and International Exhibitions

2012 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art – one woman exhibition

2010 ‘One New York Street’ Bruntwood, Manchester (one woman exhibition)
  Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art (one woman exhibition)

2007  Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art (one woman exhibition)

2005  Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art (one woman exhibition)

2003/4 3 tonne limestone sculpture to commemorate ‘Georgie’, daughter of Nicola and Tim Horlick

2000 Davis and Tooth at The Air Gallery, Dover Street, London (one woman exhibition)
  Royal College of Physicians (one woman exhibition)

1993-94 Konishi Gallery, Kyoto Japan (one woman exhibition)

1993 Chelsea Harbour 93 (International Mixed Exhibition)

1986 The Ginnel Gallery, Manchester (one woman exhibition)

1984 Salford Art Gallery (one woman exhibition)

1983 Pitcairn Art Gallery, Knutsford Cheshire (one woman exhibition)

1999 English Snowcarving Team –Breckonridge, Colorado

Group Exhibitions

2021 Sculpture at Beaulieu – 12 sculptures showcased at an international sculpture outdoor exhibition at the Beaulieu Estate, Hampshire. (see video section)
Gallery Different Spring Exhibition - London
Gallery Shtorm - Chaos and Equilibrium Exhibition – Pall Mall London
Gallery Different – The Kiss Exhibition - London
Gallery Different – Outdoor sculpture Online Exhibition – London
Sheridan Russell Gallery – outdoor sculpture online exhibition
Wendy J. Levy Fine Art – online exhibition
Gallery Shtorm – online exhibition
One of 4 international judges at CDCN exhibition – the effect of racism on the emerging brain

2020 Gallery Different, London – Winter Collective Exhibition
Sculpture at Doddington –international outdoor sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall , UK

2017-2018 HUMAN exhibition, German Ambassadors Residence, London (9 women artists living and working in London)

2017 Open Studio Exhibition

2016 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art
Sunny Art Centre, London

2015 Blackheath Gallery, London
 Darren Baker Gallery, London

2014 Newby Hall – outdoor sculpture exhibition

2013 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2012 Sculptors Drawings and Works on Paper – Kings Place, London
 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2011 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2011 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2010 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art
  Buy Art, URBIS Manchester

2009 Manchester Cathedral
  Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art
  Portico Library

2008 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2007 Wendy J. Levy contemporary Art

2006 Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art
  A Colourful Canvas – exhibition and book launch
  Royal British Society of Sculptors – 18 @ 108

2005 Renishaw Sculpture Garden
  Catto Gallery, London
  Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art

2004 Newby Hall Sculpture Exhibition - at Renishaw Sculpture Garden

2003 Working on Commission for most of the year and
  3 months in Washington DC working on lithography series

2002 Sculpture at Renishaw
  Newby Hall Sculpture Park, Yorkshire
  Manchester Academy at Bury
  Olympia Arts Fair, London

2000 ‘Free Range’, The Simmons Gallery, London (small sculpture exhibition)
  ‘Tactile’ Exhibition of Sculpture for the Blind
  Air Gallery, London
  English Snowcarving Team, International Snowcarving Competition, Breckonridge, Colorado
  Nene College, Royal Society of British Sculptors exhibition
  Manchester Academy at Bury
  Portico Library, Manchester

1998 The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden
  The London Business School
  Antiques Fair, Olympia
  Pangolin Gallery
  Manchester Academy at Bury Art Gallery

1997 Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden
  Quenington Sculpture Show, Cirencester
  Pangolin Gallery

1996 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

1995 The Gallery - Manchester
  Royal Society of British Sculptors - Northern Artists - GMEX Centre Manchester

1994 Chichester Festival, Chichester
  Pangolin Gallery
  20th Century Fine Arts Fair, Royal College of Art, London

1993 Chelsea Harbour Sculpture 93- International Sculpture Exhibition, London
  Royal Society of British Sculptors - Chelsea Harbour, London
  “Barn Gallery comes to Manchester”
  Howarth Art Gallery

1992 Art in Action - demonstrator with RBS
  Woodlands Art Gallery, Blackheath, London

1991 Open Studio and Exhibition, Manchester

1990 The Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, McLennan Galleries, Glasgow
  The Fine Art Society, Bond Street, London (Twin Images)

1989 The Royal Academy Summery Exhibition, London
  The Blackheath Gallery, Blackheath, London
  The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

1988 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
  The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester
  The Ben Uri Gallery, London

1987 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
  The R. & A. Gallery, Cheshire
  Stockport Art Gallery

1986 The Casson Gallery, London
  The 3rd International Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia, London
  The Ginnel Gallery, Manchester
  Salford Art Gallery (mixed exhibition)

1985 Cavendish Gallery (MASA and Artworks exhibition)
  The Ginnel Gallery, Manchester
  Stockport Art Gallery (six Stockport artists)
  The Ginnel Gallery (Three gallery artists)

1984 Salford Art Gallery
  Saddleworth Art Gallery

1982 and 83 Pitcairn Gallery, Knutsford, Cheshire

1981 Buxton Art Gallery
  Bury Art Gallery

1979 Bolton Art Festival
  Howarth Art Gallery
  Stockport Art Gallery
  Stockport Art Gallery

1979-2009 Manchester Academy of Fine Art Annual Exhibition


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